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Migraine is the most common primary episodic headache disorder. It is derived from Greek word 'Hemicrania' which means half of the head; it means a headache which affects half of the head. However, the latest understanding on migraine is as follows:

Migraine is one of the varieties of recurrent headache which is not always a strictly unilateral headache; it can be bilateral and is characterized by various combinations of neurological, gastrointestinal and autonomic symptoms.

Migraine Diagnostic Test

International Headache Society Diagnostic Criteria

1. Frequency of your headaches

a. if you have more than five headaches per year.

2. Headache Duration

a.If Headache persists for 4-72 hours

3. Pain characteristics (2/4)

a.Unilateral / Bilateral_location

b.Pulsating quality

c.Moderate to severe intensity

d.Aggravation by routine physical activity

4. During attacks (1/2)

a.Nausea and / or Vomiting

b.Photophobia and Phonophobia

If you are fit in this criteria you are having Migraine.

Don’t panic. We have the cure. How We Treat?

To cure the migraine, we set a treatment protocol called ATP (Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol). In Ayurvedic Treatment protocol, we give the specially designed medicines for migraine for 4 months duration. During this 4 month duration we give you specific diet chart (A part of diet therapy), which you have to strictly follow.

As the Detoxification is must. we do cleansing of the toxins through your body with the help of panchakarma, in which we do Nasya,Shirodhara,Virechana specifically.

Except it we teach you specific breathing excercise for your problem & teach Meditation to heal you in totality.