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Dosha Constitution Form

Enthusiastic and vivacious by nature
In my activities, I tend to be extremely precise and orderly
Natural tendency is to do things in slow and relaxed fashion.
Thin physique don't gain weight easily Feel uncomfortable or easily fatigued in hot weather Gain weight easily and lose it slowly
Gait while walking is light and quick Tend to perspire easily Placid and calm person
Tend to develop gas or become constipated Become irritable or angry quite easily Tendency towards excess mucus, phlegm, chronic congestion, asthma and sinus
Speak quickly and friends think I am talkative Early graying of hair, thin fine straight hair Must get 8 hrs of sleep to be comfortable the next day
Skin Tends to be dry in winters People consider me stubborn My hair is thick , dark and wavy
Movements are quick and active, energy comes in bursts. Regular bowels not constipated Sweet natured, affectionate and forgiving
Learn, quickly and forget quickly Impatient very easily Walk slowly with measured gait
Become anxious or worried frequently Fond of cold foods and ice cold drinks Tendency to oversleep and slow to get going in morning
I am easily excitable Don't tolerate foods that are hot and spicy Slow digestion and heavy feeling.
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Moderate/Often -3

Severe/Always -6