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Our Story

"Aayushmaanbhava, Dr. Amita Raj's International Ayurvedic hospital is a unique facility that helps restore the natural balance of your body, mind and spirit by combining modern medical advancements, Ancient medical techniques and complementary therapies used world wide."

Dr Amita Raj (BAMS,MD,MBA,CCP), the director of Aayushmaanbhava has done her graduation(BAMS) & after that Post graduation from Kanpur University. She did certified course in panchakarma from Worli, Mumbai. She is dealing with chronic disorders since past 7 years. She has a great experience with cancer patients in Dharamshila cancer Hospital. She has attended many national & international seminar in Panchakarma & ayurveda.

She has visited London, Scotland, Seattle(USA), California(USA), Malaysia, Mauritus, Dubai & many other european countries. She has given lectures on ayurveda & leech therapy there. In London she has practised in an ayurvedic centre as a doctor.

About Aayushmaanbhava

The World
Class Hospitality

Vision and Mission

To create a disease free society by serving the best treatment procedures and healing in natural way.

The Philosophy of Aayusmaanbhava

Aayushmaanbhava "itself means be long lived". The human being's age is understood atleast 100 years. "Jivet Shardam Shatam" But in the present time the avarage age of human being is 70 years and that is with lots of suffering in terms of hazardous diseases.

The philosophy of Aayushmaanbhava is the human being should leave 100 years without any disease or discomfort. We noticed that in ancient time There was no modern techniques for healing like we have now, The nature was the only healer. Even though were lived long life without any suffering.

This is the only philosophy of ayuveda that the life should be synchronised with law's of nature. Than we strike the idea about merging the nature with modern medical approach and we successfully implement it with aayushmaanbhava.

Why Aayusmaanbhava?

Aayushmaanbhava shall be your trusted healthcare choice for the following reasons.

  • Self prepared medicines
  • Online consultation and supply of medicine is easy and convenient
  • Authenticate Ayurveda delivered with the modernistic diagnostic approach
  • Permanent cure of all chronic disease without side effect
  • Several therapies under one roof
  • Trust of several patients
  • Absolute transparency.

  • Our Quality Policy

    Quality management system of hospital is established, documented, implemented and maintained for continual improvement in accordance with requirement of quality objectives.

    Quality improvement is about ensuring that our focus is on improving not just maintaining our services at hospital. Quality improvement involves a focus on the safety, efficiency, accessibility of services for consumers.